One year on

At the time of writing this post, I have been a full-time frontend developer for a little over one year. It seemed like a good opportunity to jot down some thoughts on how the year has been, what I have learned and where I would like to be come this time next year.

The state of React

React is a popular library for building interfaces. In a broad stroke it separates creation and rendering of elements in the DOM. This offers notable performance gains. React encourages breaking elements into smaller components, which can make even larger applications or pages more robust and scalable.

What is SignalR

SignalR is a Microsoft service for web applications. It is a library which allows a server-side component to interact with a corresponding client-side component. SignalR uses websockets to push notifications from server to client.

Selecting and Styling for performance

This week I have been going through some old code and trying to improve page performance.
One significant way to improve performance on a web page or application is by looking at interactions between any javascript and the DOM. This can be a way to make quick improvements to overall performance on a site.

Using Aspect Ratio in CSS

The aspect ratio of an element describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. Depending on the device you are using to access a responsive web page the content may be a different size. The same content will most likely need to keep its aspect ratio whatever the device so that the content makes sense and looks good. It is all about looking good.


As soon as I had the epiphany that the internet is just a big old jumble sale of data exchanges, my life definitely changed for the better.
The internet is like a jumble sale with lots of requests and responses, but without any stressful haggling!
Let’s imagine that we, the internet user are a child at the market with Mum and Dad. A common individual transaction might involve a client, who is a little like a parent, and the server, a man, possibly called Dennis, who is selling his products, which maybe a collection of books. Hopefully this isn’t too abstract and helps to explain http-requests.

Set Android SDK paths in Ubuntu

React-Native allows those with some Javascript ability to create a mobile App for an Android or IOS device, that would have previously been written for example in C. There are many tutorials on how to setup Android Studio for Windows and Mac users but not too many for a Ubuntu user, which is understandably quite upsetting. This is a tutorial on how set your Android SDK paths. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) hosts virtual devices, and run programs. ADB was not configured on my laptop when installing Android SDK.